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We can offer you the following services:

HR Retainer Service

As your retained HR function, we can fulfill your human resources needs on an as-needed basis. We will spend some time getting to know your organization, its culture, its employee mix, and its overall objectives. We can then advise on key issues, fulfill necessary operational functions, or direct specific projects to conclusion. Typically, we assign at least two part-time people to this service so that your needs can be met seamlessly, and knowledge of your organization’s priorities and requirements is shared. Larger projects may require additional staffing.

Value-Added Recruiting

In this service, we work with you to capture your hiring requirements, develop a detailed recruiting plan, work with you to execute that plan and identify viable candidates, review and confirm your hiring processes, conduct reference checks, and close the opportunity with the candidates you select. This set of services extends beyond those of typical placement agencies in that we work with you to perform as much or as little as you need. We are equipped to deliver a full recruiting service or to provide point expertise where you need it.

HR Projects

This set of services involves working with you to tackle specific HR projects that you are ready to start. This may involve developing a new mentoring program, conducting compensation analysis, preparing an organization review and developing a plan for moving employees into new roles, or putting together a new training approach. These projects take many forms, and we are prepared to help you and your staff address them as they arise.